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Many people with a busy agenda as me wonder how to relax. They can do this by choosing an exotic pet for them or their family. Why do they consider a small animal? There are three main reasons:
  • first - you do not have to walk the pet regularly,
  • second: tiny animals usually live in a cage so it is not a problem if they are “messy” creatures,
  • and third – they are not expensive.
In this article I will cover three topics: some important chinchilla
facts, information about chinchilla care and tips on how to decide if this exotic pet suits your daily routine.

Before I start the main part of my presentation, let me tell you about a friend of mine who used to have health problems. One day he went to see a doctor. The doctor gave him a written prescription without saying anything. When my friend got back to his house he saw that on the prescription was written a specific race of a dog. Later the doctor explained: If you walk this dog 1 hour daily, you will be healthy again. How does it sound?

What do You Have to Know About Chinchillas?

Their natural habitat is South America (Peru, Argentina, and Chili). That is why chinchillas require moderate temperatures. In fact, they can live up to 20 years in a climate with temperatures between 4 and 25 °C. Their origin determines their need to hide and climb.
Chinchilla Pet
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How to Take Care for Chinchillas?

These exotic pets need three essential things:
  • A proper cage with at least two floors and two balconies;
  • A dry bath with volcanic dust where the pet rolls over;
  • Special high fiber and low-sugar food.
Can you picture the extraordinary bath of this tiny creature!

Is the Chinchilla the Right Pet for Me?

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I would like to provoke you to think about the chinchilla as pet. Are you ready for a long-term commitment? In fact, you have to take care for this cute rodent for 20 years! Another question is: Are you allergic? An interesting fact is that chinchilla fur is not an allergen, but some of the pet supplies may be.

Last but not least: Can you afford a qualified veterinarian? It is not easy to find the best medical care for your exotic chinchilla pet.

In conclusion, before you purchase this small fur-ball, you have to consider the facts related to chinchilla needs– place to live and friendly environment. Once you have decided to bring a chinchilla pet at your home, you will discover how relaxed and joyful you can feel when playing with your new friend.


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